Selected Artworks from the ‘States of Mind’ Series (5 large scale pieces in total)

States of Mind documented my own mental state from health to psychosis. From sanity, holding it together, paranoia, hallucinations to psychotic break I used objects to convey each of five stages.

States of Mind 3/5- paranoia    –    I had recently lost a few members of my family, and when clearing out my uncle and nan’s council flat I found that my uncle had kept every pair of glasses he had ever owned. He had hoarded a variety of things but these seemed important to me in relation to him, as he was a shy, quiet man who was just content to watch life and not necessarily take part. I kept the preserved frames knowing there was something more in them. When thinking about paranoia I thought about being watched, scrutinised and assessing your own every move. By inking each pair and wrapping them in fabric to create a single transfer I wanted to create a crucible of eyes watching. The process destroyed the objects but left traces, remains.