In recent years my practice has moved from swift, high impact art to subtle works that challenge their audience.


Influenced by politics, history, science, affective-technology, anthropology/sociology, manipulating ‘context’, and experience of an altered mind, I develop works through print, video, text, experiential installation, sound, and endurance performance. I challenge comfort with risk-taking, and bold moves.


By discarding the quest for a personal style and artistic character I have exploded my practice in the past few years. In the aim of abandoning a visual identity in my work through collective viewing one emerged all the same: an unexpected annoyance that, even so, provides motivation that there is something I have to say and achieve.


Originally challenging my creation and perception of still life scenes, through in-depth self-analysis, self-portraiture emerged as the centre of my practice. Through edits and manipulating context I investigate turning the personal/alien into the universal/relatable. Having past lived experience of psychosis a ruthless self-review had to be approached objectively and my work adapted with new mediums to progress: developing with every success and useful failure. Living the reception and response to psychosis by others lead to a fascination of sociology, history and politics. I have never been dangerous, I am classed as “highly functioning”, I have first class degrees from the top institutions in art and design in the world, I have travelled through my work, won awards, and I am positive and sociable – yet people meet me and say “I would never have guessed you were…..”.


Activism moved into my work in a quiet form that reflects the communities it references. Moving from the unavoidable prejudiced narcissism of self-portraiture to the notion of the unheard community lead me to revisit collaboration, but raised the issue of a potential bias if kept to a solely psychotic perception. Rooting out bias through research methods and a varied team of collaborators I can offer a truthful perspective. Removing agenda and offering pure unaffected experience allows a viewer to take the perspective to do with what they will. It is an oxymoron of bringing social activism into a work while abandoning judgement or leading opinions – this allows for enabling empathy to challenge imposed dogma.


My collaborations extend beyond the art world in search of human relationships that influence and enlighten new perspectives and ideas. My communication is precarious between the viewer and myself. It is sadistic vulnerability-taking risks with identity, exposing intimate histories, loss of self, and presentation that provokes judgement–and fear of that judgement. A range of responses have emanated from this, from being laughed and shouted at, exposed to aggressive psychical responses, to being confessed to.


My practice stems from a belief that hard work, risk, and adaption, turn words into conversations.